Villa Zentaur

a jewel by the Rhine

Villa Zentaur | a jewel by the Rhine

The unique location with direct access to a private bathing bay by the Rhine, combined with the lively and high-quality architecture, is unique in this quality and makes this property a rare jewel. The experience of holiday feelings without having to travel is of great value, especially in today's world. Experience the river within reach every day! The location by the water has a calming effect and promises a pleasant climate, especially on hot summer days.

Floor Plans

Villa Zentaur | 4-½ rooms GARDEN APARTMENT - RESERVED


Living by the Rhine can hardly be more authentic than in this beautiful property. Access is guaranteed via the stairwell or with
the lift directly from the carport. The apartment is designed over two floors, so a few steps lead from the entrance
area into the living room with a large kitchen. The bedroom on this level could also be opened up to the living room.
The spacious terrace and garden are unique and are located directly by the Rhine, from where you have access to a private bay.


The dining room and Kitchen 17.4 m²   Terrace with Lounge 70.1 m²
Living room 25.4 m²      
Bedroom 1 16.0 m²   Cellar 10.8 m²
Bedroom 2 21.9 m²      
Bathroom 9.0 m²      
Guest Bathroom 7.1 m²      
Entrée 12.5 m²      
Office 11.3 m²      
Corridor 12.0 m²      
Total Net Living Space 132.6 m²      

Villa Zentaur | 2-½ rooms LOFT

2½ Rooms | LOFT - RESERVED

The uniqueness of this apartment is certainly the incredibly spacious terrace over the Rhine. The loft apartment is embedded like
a pearl and can be reached either via the staircase or with the elevator directly from the carport. This apartment is ideally designed
for singles who are looking for something special. Besides, this residential unit can also be ideally combined with one of the two apartments
in the house. The private bay by the Rhine is also accessible from this apartment.


Living & Dining room | Kitchen 27.5 m²   Terrace 115.5 m²
Bedroom 12.2 m²      
Bathroom 11.5 m²   Cellar 14.0 m²
Entrée 3.1 m²      
Total Net Living Space 54.3 m²      

Villa Zentaur | 4-½ rooms DUPLEX - RESERVED


Living in these rooms feels like in a single-family house. The two-story apartment has a private entrance
and is divided into a bedroom and a living area. The sleeping area has two bathrooms and three individual bedrooms
and is located on the first floor. The master bedroom is exceptional with a dressing room, free-standing bathtub, and terrace.
The sunny living area is on the top floor. The generous window fronts and the terrace allow a unique view of the Rhine
over both floors. An internal lift can also be installed later without any problems in
order to be able to live barrier-free. Access to the private bay is also guaranteed from this apartment

LEVEL 3.1        
Room 1 10.4 m²   Terrace 1 23.7 m²
Room 2 17.9 m²      
Room 3 12.0 m²   Cellar 14.0 m²
Bathroom 5.4 m²      
Bathroom with shower 4.0 m²      
Entrée 11 m²      
LEVEL 3.2        
Living & Dining room | Kitchen 54.1 m²   Terrace 2 20.5 m²
Guest Bathroom 2.6 m²      
Reduit 2.4 m²      
Total Net Living Space 123.6 m²